Who are you ?

A blonde girl with an old soul, young heart, half a law degree, and one superpower : my blood type is “B-artistic".


Why ZED ?

For Julia. For being the first person & brand that truly believed in my style. ZED gave me the power to grow as an artist, and just having this one first opportunity, pushed me to accomplish so much more later on. So, ZED the brand (and also Zed, the mother) you’re both doing a great job.


Where did it start ?

I would like to believe it all started at the beginning of time … Or at least at the beginning of my own personal time, to be more accurate. I can’t remember the first time I drew something or painted something (I’m sure it looked like - man discovers fire -) but it must have been pretty epic, because I also can’t remember a time when I didn’t enjoy doing something creative, or artistic. Of course my art has evolved through the years, and I went from crayons on paper, to acrylic paint on leather, but one thing remained the same : all I see, everywhere, is colors and shapes, and for me, the definition of something “beautiful” is when the colors and shapes complement each other in order to create a perfectly chaotic harmony. That’s where it all started. When Nadine discovered colors and shapes.



I believe that my inspiration comes from within. My designs are a mix of symbols, colors, shapes, lines, that are probably a refection of my thoughts or emotions. I can’t quite explain it. I usually just start drawing shapes that I fill in with colors until I am satisfied with the result. But of course I have some favorite artists, from Paul Signac to Alec Monopoly, I really love Pop art, Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, also any form of street & urban art, and some upcoming artists like Romero Britto or Leona Rose.

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