Anny Grapho

Who are you ?

At 21, I have a degree from ESMOD Paris with an accessories specialization and I am from Paris. After working for a year as a jewelry designer, I now specialise in Footwear at the Institut Français de la Mode, but my love for Accessories in general encouraged me to collaborate with ZED.


Why ZED ?

The ZED adventure is both a thrilling and inspiring project. Plus it is a different way of creating. The brand brought both of my passions together: leather goods and illustration. It was also a great way for me to develop my graphic style and see how customers respond to it.


Where did it start ?

After a difficult breakup, illustration seemed to be the only thing that felt good and true, and soon became a way of coping for me. I wanted to turn my pain into something beautiful and express it materially. From there started a series of illustrations about relationships, feminism and girl issues in general. Women have always been at the centre of my work. I experimented a bit with different graphic styles and techniques before finding my style: black and white, simple, straight to the point and always with a bit of writing.



René Gruau, illustrator, as well as Ai Yazawa, mangaka, captured my attention. The world of tattoing graphically influences me as well.  I am also very inspired by my travels : Japan, China, Denmark, Portugal, and lately Greece. I try to incorporate some of those influences in illustrations or other works.
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