Justine Germond

Who are you ?

Born and bread in Paris, I left the city to integrate Central Saint Martins in London, where I study 3D Fine Art practice. This program allows me to develop the relation between space and composition through materials. My eyes and brain first catch colours and shapes. This is why I am mainly inspired by what i see surrounding me and then concerned by what it is made of.

My experience in a boarding school in England when I was younger was the most productive year of my life artwise. There, I benefited from complete immersion into a multicultural environment. It is also where I had my first practical approach of art which triggered my desire to pursue in that direction. Beside this passion, I feel happiest when I am in the South of France or when I cook. My passion for food even lead me to participate in a digital “culinary art community” based in Paris.

Why ZED ? 

Studying sculpture and in love with painting, I found that customizing ZED pieces is an interesting and different way to mix both. I also like the idea of working with materials I am not used to : fabrics and leather instead of raw materials.


Where did it start ?

Since I was little girl, I have developed my eye and taste for Art while surveying galleries, museums and antique fairs with my family. Discovering about this multi-faceted world fuelled my desire to make a life commitment out of this passion. It took me a long time to find the path best suited for me. I did ceramics, drawings, painting, learnt about perspective, textiles gravure to finally realize I wanted to make and create things with my hands and work fully with materials.



My inspiration comes from colours and shapes, whether it is in space, art pieces, or outdoors locations. To me, Bacon, Alberola and Adami’s painting works are an ideal aesthetic balance of it. I am also a huge fan of Georgia Russel’s Louise Bourgeois and Richard Serra’s (among others) 3D work.

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