Marguerite W.

Who are you ? 

Marguerite Waechter, from France, 20 years old. I study Archaeology at University College London. Archaeology indeed represents one of my biggest passions, along with art.


Why ZED ?

ZED represented an opportunity to enrich my experience concerning fabric paintings while giving my creations more visibility. Using my art skills to design original pieces and make a job out of it is also something I would have never dreamed of before, that was one of the best suited opportunity for me.


Where did it start ?

I have always liked painting and drawing. I have been customizing clothes for my friends for almost a year. I like the idea that someone is going to wear a piece that they chose, not because they saw it on somebody else, but because they like what I represented there.



Edward Hopper, 20th century artist, ally realism and simplicity in his paintings. Japanese artists such as Hokusaï. I also enjoy one-line drawings.

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