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About us

Living in a society where you cannot cross the street without seeing somebody wearing something you already own, it gets more and more complex to have a proper individual identity when it comes to clothes and accessories. 

My idea was quite simple: create customized pieces to allow one's personality to radiate through any outfit. 

ZED began in November 2018, on the desk of my student accommodation room. A little girl's dream brought to life by a daring 18-year-old woman. All I needed was my brain filled with ideas, my computer, a few pen and a couple post-its.  

I had always been attracted to entrepreneurship, and my first-year's schedule at LSE (London School of Economics) allowed me to dedicate a lot of time to an outside leisure. I decided to turn that leisure time into ZED. 

Zed is my mother's name, whom inspired this whole project. Before being a school teacher, she used to be a painter. All her creations always blew me away and I thought that the concept of making a room more personal to reflect a vision or an atmosphere with a painting was brilliant. A few years later, I thought: why not bring this concept to clothes and accessories? 

Here we are now, with 8 artist collaborations already, more than 100 pieces customized and enough ideas for lifetimes of creations. This is only the beginning. The beginning of a promising creative adventure. 

Fiercely Yours,

- Julia  



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