The ZED adventure

The journey began 2 years ago, on the desk of Julia’s 9-square-meter student room in London. So many ideas, so little space. She rolled with it and London is where the ZED Paris story started. Startling, huh ?


ZED is Julia’s mother. Well, Zed is. Before being a school teacher, she was a painter. Julia grew up surrounded by her pieces & creative spirit, and on one November 2018 night, she found the most beautiful way of paying her a tribute. ZED was born, with Zed being the first Artist to join the adventure. Later on, 7 Artists located between Paris, London & New-York collaborated with us, creating a total of over 100 pieces.


2020 marks a milestone for us. It represents a new beginning & the affirmation of our identity. The rules are clear: no concessions.

Our pieces are handmade in a Parisian ‘atelier’ by a team of craftspeople. In this very ‘atelier’, the Alice bag was prototyped and came to life. The team also works with well-known brands such as Chanel. No concessions. 

Our leathers are meticulously sourced, either from Italy or France, as they constitute both the structure of the bags, and a support for the Artists. No concessions. 


The choice of creating works of art from A to Z (literally) is a considerable bet for a small business. Julia decided to take on the risk for she trusts the pieces she designed alongside her mother are both timeless & ingenuous. This is where you come into play.

Game on.



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